~ From The Cosmos To Your Ears ~

Hailing from the North Shore of Massachusetts, The Cosmic Vultures embody everything that is the sound of the famous Massachusetts region. From their progressive track Colors, to their acoustic single Vampires of Boston, the psychedelic sounds of the band bring you to a place where nobody else has been. A live Vultures show is like stepping into the heart of the North Shore of Massachusetts, no matter where they perform. 

When talking about a band, one is usually asked what artists the band sounds like. That is the best part of the Cosmic Vultures experience: they don’t really sound too much like any other band or artist. They pride themselves with individuality in their sound and keeping things unique. The band has influences rooted in 70’s and 80’s rock N’ roll but also has modern influences in the funk and alternative rock scene. Jack White, The Beatles, Foo Fighters, Vundabar, and Jimmy Hendrix name just a few of the artists that influence the band. 

In 2022, the band was nominated for Artist of the Year at the New England Music Awards and has been riding the high of that nomination since. The band currently has three full-length Albums, two EP's, and a host of singles. Angel Dust, Seven Witches, and Too Many Shapes among the most popular of their songs. Come experience The Cosmic Vultures, either at a live show or via their music online, and be transported into another world.